There are various types of activities you can indulge in when on vacation, and I have made a pictorial list of the most popular below. There is something for everyone on Antigua - you just have to look.

Sailing is Antigua's blood, and has been a central part of The Island's culture for centuries, ever since the British under Horatio Nelson made English Harbour their Caribbean base to fight the French. More peaceful marine battles are staged today, with the international  racing boats, recreational yachts, and classic sailboats of Antigua's annual Sailing Week. If you are not into competitive sailing however, most hotels have Sunfish or Sailfish, and a number of companies hire yachts for you to sail skippered or self sail around the Island.
Antigua Sailing week


Early morning at Jolly Harbour Marina



You could class these as the most energetic pastimes to pursue on holiday, especially water skiing, which I first tried on Antigua ( that's not me in the picture-I couldn't stay up long enough, but I tried)


The Caribbean Islands are magnets for the sailing fraternity, but you don't have to be an expert to try a new activity and Antigua has most of them. Most of the hotels offer free non-motorised water sports, and it is an ideal opportunity to try one of the disciplines you have never had the time for.


Dickenson Bay is the centre of all windsurfing activity on Antigua. In January and July, the annual Windsurfing Antigua events are held there. Windsurfing Antigua is now located at REX Halcyon Cove on Dickenson Bay, offering lessons and rentals.Call us at 268-461-9463 or email us.


These are marginally less frenetic, although you could argue that they can take much more effort

Very little effort is needed on these activities, as long as you can eat and drink a lot. Carol and I spent the day on the Treasure Island Cruise, an ideal way to visit some of the 365 beaches of Antigua

Activities under the water

Diving and Snorkelling

Antigua & Barbuda has hundreds of wrecks to explore and good shelf diving. Neither Chris or I managed to get in any dives here as our filming schedule was so hectic, but I managed a few snorkel trips and found them excellent. You can normally arrange for diving and snorkel equipment through your hotel or guest house.


Activities not on the water


It doesn't matter, boy or girl, child or grown-up, if there is a clear piece of ground, be it on a grass playing field or sandy beach, you will find Antiguans playing cricket, as seen here both at Dickinson Bay and at Fryes Beach


Antigua has historically been a very strong contributor to both West Indian and International cricket, and the Antigua Recreation Ground is one of the finest places in the Caribbean to take in this revered pastime. Devotees of the game can visit the Antigua and Barbuda Museum for a look at the infamous cricket bat of Vivian Richards, native Antiguan, former captain of the West Indies Cricket Club, and one of the greatest batsmen of all time.
Try these useful sports links:


Although more recently established than its sailing counterpart, Antigua's annual Tennis Week draws an impressive field of international competitors to the island in May of each year. Quite a few of the island's hotels have excellent facilities.


Visit a beach and the chances are that somebody will get up a game of beach volley ball. A great way to meet new people and work off all that food and drink you have taken aboard. On sand or in the pool it is great fun.


These activities require no physical effort at all - just a peaceful state of mind, and it could be argued that they are the best form of activity for most of your vacation



Other activities you might want to try


Dolphin Fantaseas
Marina Bay, Antigua,
Tel: 268-562-SWIM (7946) Fax: 268-562-3646
One of Antigua's most exciting and thrilling activities is Dolphin Fantaseas, swim with the dolphins program. This once in a lifetime adventure gives participants the opportunity to experience up close and personal playtime with dolphins, while gaining an understanding of these fascinating mammals and inspiring individuals to obtain an appreciation for marine life and the environment in which they live. Housed in a 5.5 million gallon lagoon at Marina Bay, these precious animals are sure to make your vacation unforgettable.
For more info visit their website

Adventure Antigua: Eli’s Eco Tour 
Take the opportunity to explore the wild side of Antigua and Barbuda. Mangrove swamps, bird watching and reef snorkelling are available on-island.
This tour takes small groups of people to areas of the beaten track. Islands Magazine recommends this tour above all in Antigua.

For more info visit their website:

Walking and Hiking: Hiking has not been much developed as an organized activity, although Antigua has many trails and tracks that are well suited to it. Most of the popular hikes lead to one or another of the island's many hilltop fortifications: Fort George sits atop Monk's Hill, and Fort Barrington (captured by the French in 1666) is on the promontory at Deep Bay. The Historical and Archaeological Society frequently arranges group hikes.
There are two golf courses on the Antigua: an 18-hole, 70-par course at the Cedar Valley Golf Club and another at Jolly Harbour. The K-Club on Barbuda also has its own 9-hole course.



Jolly Harbour Golf Club

1. Fairly easy all one has to do is obtain a membership form, fill it out, return form and pay monies then will be given a laminated membership card.

2. Different type of memberships are offered:-

Corporate membership - (the more members the less the cost)
4 corporate cards - $1,000.00EC per member
5/6 corporate cards - $950.00EC per member
7/8 corporate cards - $890.00EC per member
Single membership:
per year - $558.00US 
6 mths -   $345.00US
3 mths -   $238.00US
1 mths -   $180.00US
Homeowners membership
 - once you own a property in Jolly Harbour fees are discounted.
Individual - $468.00US per year
Couples -  $702.00US per year

Couples membership
1 year -  $820.00US
6 mths - $520.00US
3 mths - $345.00US
1 mth -   $275.00US 

3. Green Fee prices are already included in the membership fees, if a member does not have their own carts and clubs they can be rented at a special membership rate.
For non-members the fees are:- 
9 holes - $25.00US 
18 holes - $40.00US

Golf Cart fees:-
9 holes - $15.00US
18 holes - $23.00US

4. Telephone # 268-462-7771 Ext 608
Fax # 268-562-2810

Cedar Valley Golf Course

1. Obtain and fill out a membership form - form has to be returned for approval - is usually approved. Once approved payments have to be made. There is a joining fee of $260.00EC

2. Membership fees:
Single - $1,280.00EC per year
Husband & Wife - $2,050.00EC per year
Family (husband & wife + Kids in school not college) $2,300.00EC per year 

3. Green Fees $30.00US per 18 holes daily
Carts $30.00US per 18 holes (if cart is shared $15.00US per person)

4. Telephone # 268-462-0161
Fax # 268-562-2762

Fishing and Hunting
Sportfishing, bonefish in Barbuda's Codrington Lagoon, hunting of deer, boar, various gamefowl on Barbuda. Licenses and gun permits must be obtained in Codrington Village. The Antigua and Barbuda Annual Sport Fishing Tournament is held in May of each year.

Riding:There are several stables in Antigua. Arrangements for riding can be made through your hotel.

Bike Plus:
Offers Mountain Bikes for short or mid-term rentals and the sale of bicycle parts and accessories.

Address: PO Box 2771, 
Independence Drive
St. John’s, Antigua
Tel: 268 462-2453, 268 462-6050
Fax: 268 460-7587
Contact: Curtis Ryan
Hours of Operation: Sunday – Monday (6 days)


A unique Eco experience in one of the best unspoiled coastal areas in the Caribbean. Experienced guides will ensure you enjoy a half day of kayaking, snorkelling, power boating and hiking adventure on the beautiful east coast of Antigua. Paddle tranquil lagoons, uninhabited islands and protected mangroves, then snorkel and hike at Bird Island, a 20 acre "jewel in the ocean" that has white beaches, live reefs and rare wildlife. The boiats will take you where large vessels cannot go, within Antigua's North Sound Marine Park, the habitat of Shy turtles, sting ray, starfish, conch, parrot fish, ballahoo and other tropicals, plus egrets, red billed tropic birds, doves hummingbirds as well as he world's rarest harmless snake, the gentle "Antiguan Racer". To see more of what's on offer, go to

Kayaking, Swimming, Snorkelling, Boat ride - An Eco Tour Not To Be Missed - Antigua's Best Kept Secret Discovered By Few
A unique Eco experience in one of the best unspoiled coastal areas in the Caribbean. Experienced guides will ensure you enjoy a half day of kayaking, snorkelling, power, boating and hiking adventure on the beautiful east coast of Antigua.
Paddle tranquil lagoons, uninhabited islands and protected mangroves and snorkel and hike at Bird Island, a 20 acre 'jewel in the ocean' that has white beaches, live reef and rare wildlife.

South Coast Horizon - Eco-Fantasies
Kayaking-Boardwalk-Pyramid Park-Snorkelling-Lecture Theatre-Palm Tree Garden-Lagoon Adventure
Cades Bay Antigua, W.I
Tel: 268 562 4074/5 Email: website:

Stingray City Antigua
Enchanting 'Stingray City' Antigua, fringed and protected by its own reef is where the delightfully calm, crystal-clear waters make possible an actual swim with the rays. The unbeatable scenery and pristine coral reef encircling the area enhance this amazing experience, second to none in the world.
Stingray City AntiguaTelephone: 268 562 7297 Fax: 268 560 2118
Tropical Adventures offers a wide range of excursions and incentive programs including Airport Transfers, Off Road Jeep Safaris, Historical Tours, Five Star Catamaran Lunch, Snorkelling, Kayaking, Lobster Lunch Tours, Pirate Ship Adventures, VIP tours and much more. Our wide choice of tours enables us to customise excursions to meet and exceed your clients expectations. Tropical Adventures believes in protecting our environment and cultural heritage without which our tours could not operate.


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